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Cloudy Skies Clear
Okay, put away the knives. I'm not going to rant about real-person slash (RPS). But someone did ask me what I thought of it, so here they are, my ever-so-humble views:

Personally, I have little interest in real-person slash. It doesn't really offend my moral sensibilities, possibly because I have no moral sensibilities. When I think of the RL celebrity-types whom I find attractive and put them together in bed, my reaction's pretty much, "Ho hum. Where are Alexander and Hephaistion?"

This is quite possibly because I'm a history-slash whore, and find men most interesting when they're dead or divine, at least as fictional subjects (no offense to real men! I love men).

Take Greco-Roman history and myth. When I'm writing those, I can dictate the specifics of the story; I'm more in control of the narrative line, less constrained by dull things like reality. I'd rather invent my own details, or brush off dusty ones from history books.

In other words, I'm not into RPS because I'm a big research-lovin' control freak.

Apart from that, I've finished with the second season of Doctor Who. Boy, that was emotional. (Btw, is it known why Billie Piper left the show?) I got to see Jake again, which was a pleasant surprise. And the reuinion between Rose and Mickey was funny--he seemed happier and more confident than ever before, and didn't seemed to be missing her at all. Which only confirmed that Jake is the right one for him. :)

I found them here.

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2007-09-07 03:46 pm (local) (link) Track This
Ha ha comics are hilarious!!

Billie Piper wanted to leave the show and try other things, so she wouldn't be remembered as Rose only. :)

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2007-09-07 05:37 pm (local) (link) Track This
I thought so too! :D

As for Billie Piper, I presumed that was the reason. I just hate when the actors leave the show before it officialy ends. Thanks for the info. :)

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2007-09-07 08:46 pm (local) (link) Track This
Hee. It's okay because I still remember Billie Piper as the terrible singer. Her playing Rose didn't change that :P

The end of the second to last episode actually made me gasp. It was awesome.

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